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About Us

R.R.Facility Engineers is a firm located in Bangalore with the well balanced team that is extensive, proven expertise in the fields /segments HVAC, Clean Room Mechanical & Electrical (Design & build). We have strong network of competent and established vendors/ sub cons to carry out the commissioning of various aspects viz., ducting, fabricating, electrical, insulation and civil etc., we have strong potential knowledge gained over last two decades at different engineering/facility management field.

R.R.Facility Engineers is a team of engineers lead by Mr.Rajgopal pagade, basically electrical engineer with 20+ years of working experience with many top companies for many projects right from design to commissioning on end to end solution of MEP packages and partnered by Mr.Ragini Rajgopal basically into commercial having his post graduation in commerce  and have experienced in working with projects with top MNC on commercials aspects.

We have started our commencement during January‘2012, and all the necessary licenses have been obtained during March‘2012.

How we work ?

As they say  ‘Whatever cannot be measured, cannot be assessed’ we too  maintained the numbers but at core we believe any service delivered to  the end user on time is truly ‘Service’.

In RRFE we believe  “Quality”  is  the  baseline  in  long  term  and  pursues   optimum  level  in  maintaining  standards  and  delivers  cost  effectively  as   an  automated  by product. 

Our Process

Through our previous vast exposure we do understand importance of subcontracting and acquire skills and expertise, which we consider vital and important to our future expansion in terms of growth but we primarily believe in organic growth and development so to understand and deliver with care.

We believe in being well informed first hand, being a part of the client and facing the problem equally, and understanding the impacts and intensities. We go for training and improving our team to learn understands and delivers…. making them capable to own the problem. We encourage hands-on experience and deliver promptly.

We possess considerable capability to handle the subjects. In the process, we eventually end up creating a team capable enough not allowing breakdowns and curtailment of services. Rather they manage within planned preventive maintenance, close monitoring, and planned shutdowns of minimizing downtime and savings on spares and procurement. 

Our Aim / Vision

To be the leader in Integrated Facility Management in India and the region


To Provide our clients excellent Integrated Facilities Management Solutions in a cost effective manner Quality Policy / Processes.

Quality Policy

We are totally committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through regulatory compliance, constant feedback, regular auditing and appropriate staff training.