We Provide High Quality Service With Customer Satisfaction

Our Special Services

We provide multi-disciplinary integrated services delivered seamlessly under one roof in the areas of Housekeeping, Research Lab Maintenance Services, Electro Mechanical Maintenance Services, Landscape Maintenance Services and more. Housekeeping, Lab Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance and Landscape Services is our primary core facility management we serve.

Electromechanical Maintenance

We provide technically educated, thoroughly trained and well experienced technicians in Electrical maintenance and Mechanical maintenance areas. Our technicians were well qualified and thoroughly trained in the areas, Maintaining Electrical Panel Boards, Fire Equipments, Electrical Wiring and periodical maintenance, Maintenance of Air Conditioners and Central AC Plants, Operating Chemical Reactors and broilers, Electrical Motors and Pumpsets etc.

Our technicians are well versed with most of the Electrical and Mechanical equipments. They are smart looking and smart working people, and thoroughly trained periodically in the areas of Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance services, Safety Measures, Discipline and Personality Development.

Lab Maintainance

We provide well educated, trained and experienced lab boys. They were thoroughly trained in cleaning of Laboratory and washing of Laboratory Equipment, Storing Chemical Powders and Liquids Safely, Assisting in operating chemical apparatus, helping professors in their research, supervision on chemical reactors, safety measures and first aid methods etc.,

Our Lab Boys are well disciplined, smart looking and smart working people, and they are familiar to most of the chemical apparatus and reactors and first aid and safety measures in unexpected accidents, they were also trained in Discipline and Personality Development.

Other Services

We also provide Supervisors, Riders, Messengers, Store Boys, Drivers, Civil Masions, etc., All our staff are well training in their respective activities and they all are well experienced, so that you will feel hassle free maintenance for your day to day office work / lab work / electrical maintenance work / mechanical works and garden work etc.,

Our employees are well disciplined, smart looking and smart working people, and they are well educated to perform their day to day duties and well versed with their duties and equipment that they may use in their duties. All our employees are well trained in Discipline and Personality Development.